Moving Companies, Hickory, NC

One thing that sets us apart from other moving companies in Hickory is that we are family-owned and operated.

Moving Companies in Hickory, NC

Moving Companies in Hickory – There are a number of moving companies available in and around Hickory, North Carolina, but our team at Barringer Moving & Storage has more to offer than anyone else. We have years of experience in the moving industry and team members who specialize in proper handling and moving of all kinds of items. Something else that sets us apart from other moving companies is that we are truly family-owned and operated. Other organizations have corporate executives to answer to, requiring them to cut corners in order to meet requirements. But our staff members and company owners are local residents of the area, so you are supporting your own community when you use our services.

You might think that using the services of professional moving companies won’t fit into your moving budget. But the reality is that it often ends up costing less than you think. When you factor in extra costs associated with fuel and rental fees, purchasing extra boxes to pack up last-minute possessions, and the time it takes for you and your loved ones to pack and move your stuff, you will find that the overall cost is much higher than you planned. Moving companies like ours provide upfront estimates, so you know exactly what to expect, taking the guesswork out of moving. Each of our team members is also fully insured. So instead of missing time away from your own job, call us today to start simplifying the process of moving in Hickory!

At Barringer Moving & Storage, we are proud to be one of the moving companies serving Hickory, Conover, Cornelius, Lake Norman, Mooresville, Newton, and Statesville, North Carolina.