Movers, Mooresville, NC

Our Mooresville movers will treat your belongings with the utmost respect and care.

Movers in Mooresville, North Carolina
Movers in Mooresville – Did you know that there are movers in the Mooresville, North Carolina area who will take care of your entire move with professionalism and attention to detail? It is true! Those of us at Barringer Moving & Storage are proud to be movers of that caliber, and we are ready to show you that moving can be a pleasant experience.

Whether you need just a few things moved around in your home or everything relocated hundreds of miles away, our movers will treat your belongings even better than they would if they were their own. We are also commercial movers, so if you need things moved for your business, we can help with that, as well.

We have many years of experience as movers, and that has taught us that in order to give the best experience possible, we needed to think outside the box (pun intended), so your boxes and furniture are always in capable hands. To that end, we offer a wide variety of moving services and also have an 80,000-square-foot storage facility for those times when there is a gap of time between your current location and your destination.

We have all the supplies you will need and can help with packing and unpacking, as well. Our staff is well-trained and expected to be professional at all times. We understand that moving is stressful and it is our job to not add to that.

If you would like a quote for any of our moving services for your home or business, give us a call. We think you’ll be blown away by our excellent movers and your total experience.




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