Avoid These 3 Residential Moving Mistakes

Jun 15, 2017 | Moving & Storage Blog

Residential Moving We’ve all heard horror stories of a residential moving project gone haywire. While bad things can and do happen, there are a number of problems you can avoid by not making certain mistakes. Here are a few of the things you should definitely avoid during your relocation:

  1. Oversharing on social media – Social media postings are a double-edged sword. Posting about an upcoming move can help you gain some great advice and even some helpers. If you are relocating and will need employment in your new city, updating your profile could help you land a job before you move. On the flip side, criminals love to see posts that say when you won’t be home, when your property will be unguarded, or when your stuff is all in boxes easy to steal. Consider using privacy settings so you can limit who sees your posts and never divulge your address (current or new).
  2. Inclement weather – Whenever possible, try not move during inclement weather. Try to have a flexible schedule so that you can delay loading or unloading if need be. If moving during the winter, consider choosing a mover with experience with the elements. For example, don’t hire a mover that works predominantly in Florida if you’re moving to Colorado in the winter. It is also best to leave time between closing and moving out rather than to cut it close and be rushed.
  3. Unmarked boxes – Always be sure to put FRAGILE on boxes that have breakables, even if you’ve packed them exceptionally well. Don’t list what is inside the box if this would create temptation for those helping you with the move. Keep it generic instead, and put the contents on an inside flap to aid in unpacking organization.

You can avoid many common problems with residential moving by calling us at Barringer Moving & Storage. We work with you to make your residential moving experience pleasant and less stressful. For a moving quote, give us a call today!

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