Choosing the Right Moving Company In Hickory, NC

Aug 20, 2021 | Moving & Storage Blog

Things to Consider When Moving.

Are you looking for a new house, having your job relocated, or needing a new area to live in?  If so, that means you will be moving.  You can always ask your friends and/or family to assist you with this transition, but it’s not always the safest option when it comes to moving sentimental belongings or extremely heavy furniture.  In addition to that, it’s always a best guess as to who will actually show up on moving day.  This brings us to a much better option, a professional Moving Company.  And choosing the right Moving Company will be what makes your moving day the best it can possibly be rather than a nightmarish experience.  After all, it’s just your entire life being packed up and moved, right! Whether you choose us or a different Moving Company, we are here to help ensure that you have the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your big day.

  • What is the recurring thought when it comes to online reviews?  Are the majority of people satisfied?  Are they dissatisfied, if so why?

You can’t make everyone happy, so when reading reviews, look for the common denominators.  If around 85% percent of the reviews are positive, that’s probably a very professional moving company.  Also, in the negative reviews, it’s important to pay attention to whether the company made clear attempts to resolve any issue(s) or ignored them.  Issues will happen from time to time, but a great company will communicate promptly and resolve professionally.

  • Does the company have a worker’s compensation policy that covers ALL of their employees?

The last thing you want is for a non-worker’s comp covered mover to get injured on your property moving your furniture.  That mover can sue you for all of their injury expenses and time missed from work.  Some companies have ghost policies that only actually cover the owners, while other companies have full policies that cover ALL of their employees and that is what you want for the benefit of the mover and you.

All of the above things are extremely important and required of all legal moving companies.  If a company does not meet their state’s legal requirements, your personal items can become collateral damage in their negligence to comply.  

  • Does the company have a storage facility?  If so, is it climate controlled?  Is it accessible?  Is it insured?  Is it secure?

Why a moving company with storage facility matters.

If you are storing your items, it’s best to store with the company who is moving your items as this will cut down costs when it comes time to deliver your items to your new living space.  A moving company will not charge you for the pads used to wrap your items if you store with them, the load time will be less because they are familiar with your items as they will be packed and prepped properly, and they will typically give you a break on pricing if you do that much volume with them.  Make sure their facility is climate controlled and that you can have access to your items if needed.  Most companies will offer a tour of their facility if requested.  Another great thing to pay attention to is if their facility is secure.  Is it discreet?  Is there good lighting?  Are there leaks?  Are there infestation issues?  Will your stuff be sectioned off in its own area and not mixed with someone else’s?  Is it insured so that if my items are damaged in storage, they will be covered?

Who will be in your home and moving your belongings?

  • Are the company employees full time employees?  Have they had background checks?  Are they drug tested?

Finding loyal, knowledgeable, and skilled labor workers is hard in general.  A lot of companies will take most of the people that are willing to work hard, but there’s a lot more to it than just finding a ‘hard worker’.  A company that hires full time employees rather than part-time, does background checks prior to hiring, has immersive training programs, and requires drug tests is a company that cares about quality.

  • In addition to online reviews, are there any prior customers that would be willing to answer questions about their move?

As reviews are great to read, sometimes you may have a question that a review cannot answer.  Most professional moving companies will have a list of people they’ve already moved who are willing to receive calls from people considering that company in order to answer in depth questions about their experience.

Follow these guidelines and you will find a great moving company who will provide you with a satisfying moving experience.

-The Barringer Moving & Storage, LLC Team.

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