Comparing Local Moving Companies: A Quick Guide

Sep 18, 2017 | Moving & Storage Blog

Comparing Local Moving Companies: A Quick Guide
Whether you are planning a major move or you are just moving a few streets down, finding a moving company that can handle your requests may seem overwhelming. During your search for local moving companies, you may feel like they all offer the same things or they are all so competitive that it doesn’t matter who you choose. While the truth is that many local moving companies boast the same types of services, it’s in the details where you will find the movers that suit your needs best.

  1. Rates & Fees – When searching for local moving companies, the first thing you are probably thinking of is your budget. While the front page of each website may have similar services, it’s when you ask about their actual rates and fees that you’ll know where you want to go. You may not want the cheapest service, and you may not want the most expensive, but you also don’t want to pay hidden costs that are written into the fine print. It’s okay to ask about this as you make your decision.
  2. Equipment & People – Another important factor to consider is the type of equipment local moving companies have and the types of people they will send to your door. Do they hire college students with little moving experience, or do they have an experienced moving team that will properly care for your belongings? Do they have the equipment to move your heaviest furniture and transport it safely to your new location?
  3. Storage – If you have some belongings that need to go into storage, it may be worth asking your top local moving companies whether they have a safe place to keep your belongings. This can be especially important if you have items that need to be stored securely until a future moving date.
  4. Scheduling & Destinations – Another important thing to ask local moving companies is about whether they can schedule your move during a time that is convenient for you and if they are equipped to go to your next destination. It wouldn’t do much good if you hire a local moving company that only transports your items within the city limits! Taking care of these details in advance will tell you which moving company is a great choice.

At Barringer Moving & Storage, we offer convenient moving services and an experienced moving team, and we are a locally owned and operated company that can take you where you need to go! Contact us today to learn why we are your first choice among local moving companies!

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