Find that Perfect Location and Use Commercial Moving to Get There

Dec 14, 2016 | Moving & Storage Blog

Obviously, there is more to having a successful business than the often touted, “location, location, location!” However, sometimes being in the wrong place can seriously undermine your efforts and lead you to make the decision to relocate. While you probably have a nice staff and could certainly get them to handle the move for you, a better idea is calling a commercial moving company. There are a number of reasons why you should do it this way.

Find that Perfect Location and Use Commercial Moving to Get There

  • Employee Morale – If you have any doubts about how negatively your staff will take the news, just hold a meeting and mention you are thinking of moving the business and wonder if they’d be okay with helping do it. The answer will be written on their faces. Nobody likes moving and it is safe to say they won’t be happy about it.
  • Employee Safety – It isn’t just how they’ll feel about doing it that is of concern. You want to use commercial moving experts for your employees’ safety, as well. Your staff is really good at what they do, and you do not want to risk that to a back injury or another mishap.
  • Timing – In many cases, a commercial moving company can manage your move during the time period in which you are normally closed, such as over the weekend. This means your staff is not pushed to work on their days off, and your business will be back up and running, and making a profit, much sooner. You may need a couple of key people to work with the commercial moving team to guide where things go, but that is far better than having all hands on deck.

Commercial Moving At Barringer Moving & Storage, we have the experience to move anything from a small office to a large commercial business with as little disruption as possible. If your move means your staff is also relocating, ask us about discounted corporate packages. Call us today and see why we’re a favorite in the Hickory, Mooresville, and Statesville, North Carolina area.

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