Our Residential Moving Services Come with a Hassle-Free Guarantee

Mar 15, 2018 | Moving & Storage Blog

Residential Moving

Moving to a new house can be both exciting and exhausting. Organizing and packing your belongings safely can be stressful enough, but then you have to go through the hassle of hauling numerous boxes and furniture into a truck before driving to your new home. Why go through all that aggravation when we can take care of everything for you? At Barringer Moving & Storage, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s within the state or across the country, our residential moving services ensure your moving experience is a smooth transition. Here are some of the services included with residential moving:

  • Protection – We offer a wide variety of packing boxes for all your belongings as well as padded wrapping for furniture. We’re always careful when loading and unloading the truck to make sure your things are safe.
  • Packing – If you need help with packing your things, just ask – we’ll make sure all your belongings are safely packed and organized ready for the big move.
  • Professional Moving Solutions – We can unload, unpack, and set everything up according to your needs, so that when you first walk into the door of your new home, it will look like you’ve lived there for months.

With our residential moving services, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Our company is family-owned and operated. We are an insured and licensed company here to fulfill your needs. We know how special it is to move into a new home, and we want to make the experience a good one. With our hassle-free services, we’ll make sure you and your family are settled in to your new home. If you have any questions or are in need or our services, call us today.

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