Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Moves!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Moves!

Are the estimates free?

Absolutely, at Barringer Moving and Storage, we provide complimentary estimates with no hidden commitments or strings attached.

Are your employees contracted labor?

No, at Barringer Moving and Storage, we take pride in our dedicated team of full-time employees. We go the extra mile to ensure the safety and reliability of our staff by subjecting them to a rigorous hiring, vetting, and training process. This process includes comprehensive background checks and drug screens, providing you with the utmost confidence in our professional moving services.

What happens if one of your movers gets hurt on my move?
You can rest easy with Barringer Moving and Storage. We maintain a robust workers’ compensation policy that provides comprehensive coverage for all our employees. You won’t be held liable for any accidents or injuries during your move.
What happens if your movers break one of my belongings?

After settling your bill with Barringer Moving and Storage in full, our next step is to facilitate a smooth resolution process for any damaged items. Simply send an email to our Claims Resolution Specialist, including photos and detailed descriptions of the affected item(s). Our specialist will then guide you through the resolution process based on the valuation option you’ve chosen. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

What is valuation?

Valuation is a crucial aspect of your move. It determines the overall value of your shipment, especially in the event of a significant loss, and it also sets the guidelines for how we handle claims related to the ‘loss of’ or ‘damage to’ individual items during your move. Understanding valuation is essential for a smooth moving experience with Barringer Moving and Storage.

What are the valuation options?

At Barringer Moving and Storage, we offer two valuable valuation options for your move. The first is Basic Value Protection (B.V.P.), which comes at no cost to you and provides coverage of 60 cents per pound per item. The second option is Full Value Protection (F.V.P.), which incurs a fee based on your estimated weight. F.V.P. offers comprehensive coverage for the repair or replacement of any damaged item(s) during your move. It’s important to choose the valuation option that best suits your needs and budget.

How can I pay my bill?

We offer various convenient payment options at Barringer Moving and Storage. You can pay your bill with cash, a check, or a card. Keep in mind that opting for cash payments can qualify you for exclusive discounts. If you prefer using a card, please note that a 3.5% card processing fee will be added to the total. For out-of-state moves, we require a certified bank check upon delivery to ensure a secure transaction process. Your satisfaction and flexibility are our priorities.

What if I can’t get access to my new home once my things are loaded on the moving truck?

We understand that unexpected delays can happen. At Barringer Moving and Storage, we offer two flexible options to accommodate such situations.

If the wait is a matter of days, we provide Storage-In-Transit. Your belongings will remain securely loaded and locked on our truck(s) within our fenced parking lot until you have access to your new home.

For delays exceeding 5 days, we’ll carefully offload your items into our climate-controlled storage facility. You’ll be charged a pro-rated fee based on the duration of storage required. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that ensure the safety and protection of your belongings during any transitional period.

Do we tip our movers?

Tipping your movers is entirely at your discretion, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you believe that our team has provided outstanding service and you’d like to show your appreciation, we highly encourage tipping. Rest assured, all tips go directly to our hardworking movers.

If you decide to tip, the best practice is to give it directly to the Crew Leader in cash or by writing a check payable to them personally. Your generosity is a rewarding way to acknowledge the dedication and professionalism of our movers.

Do I pay extra to have my things padded or to have the movers use dollies?

No, at Barringer Moving and Storage, you won’t incur additional charges for the use of pads, equipment, or dollies. Our hourly rates are all-inclusive and cover the necessary tools and resources to ensure your belongings are handled with care during your move. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are our top priorities.

How far in advance to I need to book my move?

To secure your preferred moving dates and ensure a smooth transition, we recommend booking your move with Barringer Moving and Storage approximately 4-6 weeks in advance. This allows us to accommodate your schedule and provide you with the exceptional service you deserve. Your timely booking is the first step toward a stress-free relocation.

What if I don’t have a whole house-hold to move and just want a few items moved around, do you do this?

Absolutely, at Barringer Moving and Storage, we’re here to accommodate your unique needs. Whether you require a full household move or just need a few items shuffled around, we can tailor our services to fit your specific requirements. Please keep in mind that we do have a 2-hour minimum for such jobs. Your convenience and satisfaction are our priorities.