The Residential Moving Process

Here is a timeline on how the various steps in the process work together to get your move completed.
Get a Residential Moving Quote
4 to 6 weeks from your desired move date

Contact Us For an Estimate On Your Residential Moving Project

We will set up a appointment for our estimator to meet with you and review your needs.

Estimate Issued and Accepted

Review the Estimate and make sure we are on the same page with you on the scope of the project!

Usually at least 4 weeks prior to move date

Move Scheduled

Moving Checklist Sent

This includes a reminder of  items we can and cannot pack / transport

Two weeks from scheduled move date

Move Date Confirmation

Our moving coordinator will reach out to make sure everything is still on track as planned and scheduled.

The morning of your scheduled moving date

Meet Your Movers

We will send you the names of your moving team as well as the contact info for the team lead.

1 to 2 days before your move

Packing Day

Your packing team is on their way and will usually contact you 15 minutes to 30 minutes prior to their arrival. We will carefully pack-up all of your belongings and prepare them for the move.

Move-Out Day

Move-Out Day

The big day!  The crew leader will reach out when the truck is on its way with an ETA.  All of your belongings that are being moved will be safely and securely loaded on to the truck(s).


Your destination may be storage, a new home across town, or a new home, far away. We will safely transport your belongings to their destination.

Move-In Day

Move-In Day

It’s time for your belongings to show up at your new home. Our crew leader will be in contact so that you know the ETA. Our team will offload all of your items at your new home and place everything exactly where you request.

About 2 weeks after Move-In


Our Move Coordinator will call to review your moving experience and ensure your satisfaction.